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Welcome to SIIS (Social Insurance Information System) One  Stop Service : Portal for 4 Major SIS(Social Insurance Schemes)'s!

Purpose of establishment

NPS was established to provide people with pension benefits against old age, diseases, injuries, disabilities, death, etc. in order to secure a stable life for them, and thereby, contribute to the enhancement of their welfare.


Key services

Key services
Service category Scope of services
Entitlement management
  • Workplace management
  • Management of workplace-based insurers
  • Management of the individually insured
  • Management of the voluntarily insured people and voluntarily and continuously insured people
  • Management of other entitlement conditions
Collection management
  • Billing management
  • Collection & settlement management
  • Overpayment & mispayment management
  • Management of lump-sum refunds Lump-sum refunds refer to the lump-sum amount of paid premiums reim bursed with a certain amount of interests to a beneficiary who could not pay premiums any more due to, for example, emigration although he/she has not paid his/her due premiums for the required period.
  • Management of retroactive premiums Retroactive premiums refer to premiums retroactively paid to compensate for the period for which a beneficiary could not pay premiums due to, for example, unemployment.
  • Management of collecting agencies
Benefit management
  • Claiming for pension benefits
  • Checking entitlement to benefits & paying benefits due to beneficiaries
  • Discontinuing & limiting the payment of pension benefits
  • Reviewing eligibility for disability & survivor’s benefits
  • Management of negative prescription
  • Follow-up management of benefits paid
  • Management of eligible beneficiaries
  • Management of other collectibles
Social security agreement management
  • Determining of NP coverage conditions for foreigners
  • Addressing foreigners' claim for benefits
Loan services
  • Emergency loan services for the aged
Fund operation
  • Fund operation planning
  • Fund operation (financial/public/welfare sectors)
  • Fund management & performance analysis
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