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Welcome to SIIS (Social Insurance Information System) One  Stop Service : Portal for 4 Major SIS(Social Insurance Schemes)'s!

Purpose of establishment

KCOMWEL was established to contribute to the protection of workers through timely & fairly compensating for work -related accidents, installing & operating insurance facilities to promote injured workers’ rehabilitation and return-to-society, and implementing services to prevent work-related accidents and enhance workers’ welfare.


Key services

Key services
Service category Scope of services
Registration for WCI coverage
  • Addressing the occurrence/adjustment/termination of eligibility for WCI coverage
  • Employment information management
  • Managing workers engaging in special business types
WCI benefits
  • Medical care benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits & nursing care benefits
  • Survivor’s benefits & funeral expenses
  • Loan services against medical care benefits
Support programs for workers
  • Loan services for workers with wages in arrears, etc.
  • Supports for workers’ cultural & leisure activities
  • Supports for start-ups
  • Operating childcare centers called “Children’s House”
  • Credit guarantee services
  • Wage claim guarantee
  • Welfare services for workers injured due to a work-related accident
  • Advanced welfare services for workplaces
  • Supports for installing facilities to promote the employment of female workers
WCI medical services
  • Operating WC hospitals to provide medical treatments for workers injured due to a work-related accident (including rehabilitation services)
  • Carrying out researches on rehabilitation engineering, occupational lung diseases, etc. through WC hospitals
  • Providing medical services for workers with lung diseases
Supports for rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation counseling
  • Sequela care
  • Occupation rehabilitation
  • Social & psychological rehabilitation
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