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Welcome to SIIS (Social Insurance Information System) One  Stop Service : Portal for 4 Major SIS(Social Insurance Schemes)'s!

Purpose of establishment

With the 1st Five-Year Economic Development Plan made and driven to simultaneously realize social and economic development, the Labor Administration, an independent organization, was established in 1963 to facilitate the development of human resources by addressing practical labor affairs related to, for example, labor unions, work conditions, etc. In 1981, it was promoted to the Ministry of Labor. Since then, it had addressed work conditions, employment stability, occupational training, unemployment, employment insurance, labor welfare, labor-management relations, etc. In 2010 when the Governmental Organization Act was amended, it changed its organizational title to the Ministry of Employment & Labor in accordance with the same act so that it may address governmental employment policies in an integrated way by adjusting & reinforcing some parts of industrial safety health functions, and thereby, drive policies to newly create employment and improve labor-management relations.


Key services

Key services
Service category Scope of services
Insurant management
  • Addressing the occurrence/termination of insured status
  • Addressing a Statement of Job Transfer
  • Addressing a Declaration of Labor Details submitted by daily workers
  • Addressing details about subcontractors at a construction site
Insurance fraud management
  • Preventing insurance frauds
  • Investigating & identifying cases of insurance frauds
  • Discontinuing the payment of unemployment benefits
  • Recovering benefits fraudulently paid & prosecuting fraudulent claimants
Supports for employment stability
  • Supports for improving employment environment
  • Supports for creating part-time works
  • Supports for promising start-ups (including their employment of highly-skilled workers)
  • Supports for employment maintenance & promotion
  • Supports for the extended employment of the aged (including the adoption of wage peak system)
  • Supports for realizing employment stability for female workers who are pregnant or have delivered of a baby
  • Supports for installing employment promotion facilities
  • Supports for realizing employment stability for construction workers
Unemployment benefits
  • Job seeker’s benefits
  • Employment promotion allowances (e.g. early re-employment allowances, occupational competence development allowances, etc.)
  • Extension benefits (e.g. extended training, etc.)
  • Injury-disease benefits
Supports for occupational competence development
  • Supporting employers with training expenses to develop occupational competences
  • Supporting workers with tuition fees
  • Supporting irregular workers with “competence development card”
  • Supporting job seekers with occupational training expenses
  • Supporting unemployed workers with “learning-for-tomorrow card”
Maternity benefits
  • Childcare leave
  • Leave after/before childbirth
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