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Title Migrant workers’/overseas Koreans’ eligibility for NP coverage
Question As employer, I’d like to know if migrant workers and overseas Koreans employed at my workplace shall be mandatorily covered by the NP scheme. If their eligibility for mandatory NP coverage hasn’t been declared with a NP branch office with jurisdiction although it should’ve been, they are retroactively entitled to the NP coverage?
Overseas Koreans (including Koreans with Korean nationality residing overseas and Koreans with foreign nationality) aged 18 to 60 who stay in Korea shall be mandatorily covered by the NP scheme pursuant to Article 6 of the National Pension Act. Migrants (including overseas Koreans with foreign nationality) staying in Korea may be also mandatorily covered by the same scheme, depending on their visa category and nationality, pursuant to Article 102 of the same act. To be entitled to NP coverage, migrants and overseas Koreans with foreign nationality shall declare their stay in Korea or acquire a certificate of alien registration, while overseas Koreans with Korean nationality shall be covered as long as they stay in Korea, regardless of the fact they have reported their stay in Korea.
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