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Title An insured migrant’s (or migrant beneficiary’s/insurant’s) termination of non-workplace-based HI coverage
Question As eligible migrant, I’ve been insured by the non-workplace-based HI scheme. But I’d like to terminate its coverage for some reasons. How can I terminate the coverage?
  • An insured migrant’s HI coverage shall be terminated on:
    1. The day after his/her departure with no desire to stay in Korea any longer (i.e., temporary departure does not constitute the case);
    2. The day after he/she has died; or
    3. The day when he/she has got eligibility for the workplace-based HI scheme as worker him-/herself or an eligible worker’s dependent.
  • An eligible migrant shall be mandatorily covered by the HI scheme on the day of his/her acquisition of a certificate of alien registration until the said coverage has been terminated on the day of his/her departure from Korea. Thus, a voluntary termination of HI coverage is NOT allowed.

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