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Title Migrants’ eligibility for coverage in accordance with the 4 Major SIS’s (social insurance schemes)
Question We are Korean-Chinese as legal immigrants, aged 40, 23, 20, and 19, of whom the 40-year old one has lived here in Korea alone, while the others have got into Korea as per our parents’ invitation. Currently, one of them has acquired Korean citizenship. If then, are we eligible for coverage in accordance with the 4 major SISs?
  • Migrants eligible for NP (National Pension) coverage:

    Migrant workers employed at workplaces in Korea who are subject to the NP scheme; and migrant workers staying in Korea

  • What are "migrants"? :

    Migrants refer to foreign employers who owns a workplace in Korea which shall be subject to the NP scheme or migrant workers employed at a workplace in Korea, who are aged 18 to 60; however, migrant workers whose country doesn’t mandatorily cover Koreans under the corresponding pension scheme aren’t eligible for coverage in accordance with the Korean NP scheme.

  • Migrant workers by visa category to which relevant benefits are paid on a lump-sum basis, regardless of their nationality:

    E-8 (Employment for Training); E-9 (Non-Professional Employment); and H-2 (Employment while Visiting)

  • Migrants not eligible for NP coverage:

    Migrants staying for a longer period than allowed without a prior approval for any extended stay; migrants having not acquired a certificate of alien registration or having got a deportation order from a relevant authority; and migrants falling under such visa categories as D-1 (Culture/Arts). D-2 (Student), D-3 (Industrial Trainee), D-4 (General trainee), D-6 (Religion), F-1 (Visiting & Joining Family), F-3 (Accompanying Spouse), or Miscellaneous (G-1))

  • Migrants eligible for HI (health insurance) coverage:

    Migrants (including Koreans with foreign nationality) having acquired a certificate of alien registration; Koreans residing overseas; and Koreans with foreign nationality having reported their stay in Korea, etc.

  • Migrants eligible for EI (Employment Insurance) coverage:

    Migrant workers may be eligible for mandatory or voluntary EI coverage, or excluded from EI coverage depending on their visa category although, in principle, they shall not be eligible for EI coverage. The visa categories of migrant workers mandatorily covered by EI include F-2 (Resident) and F-5 (Permanent Resident), while migrant workers whose visa category falls under C-4 (Short-term Employee), E-1 (Professor), E-10 (Vessel Crew) and F-4 (Overseas Koreans) shall be eligible for voluntary coverage. Migrant workers whose own country acknowledges Koreans’ eligibility for any social insurance scheme corresponding to the EI scheme (operated in Korea) in accordance with the Principle of Reciprocity that shall apply for EI coverage may be eligible for EI coverage. No other migrant workers than the foregoing eligible workers shall be excluded from EI coverage (e.g. D-2 (Student), migrants not allowed legal stay in Korea, etc.).

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